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Dimitrije Rodic
Dimitrije Rodic

Age: 19
Nationality: Serbian
Status: Content Coordinator
Tasks: Route Management / PIREP Moderating

Occupation: Student
Joined Staff Team: 7 January 2015

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

I'm 19 years old guy from Belgrade, Serbia. I’m a student of Road Transport on Faculty of Traffic Engineering at the University of Belgrade. I've been training water-polo for 11 years and this is my second year as water-polo coach; also I'm second degree lifeguard. In free time, I'm programming and going out. I have been programming for 5 years already; mostly doing web design. I also own one successful gaming server, which ran for 3 years now.

What has your virtual career been like?

I first got interested in flying when I bought xPlane 9. But it was so confusing since I was very young and didn't understand anything in cockpit. I gave up, moved on. Then I decided to download FSX; tried it and my first flights was a disaster. I practiced from time to time but it was difficult without a Joystick. I then bought Thrustmaster Flight Stick X and it was way easier. I was learning things slowly and then I discovered flyeuro while randomly searching for things on Google. Since I knew Kamil (CEO) from before, I immediately decided to give it a go.

Why did you join flyeuro?

I knew Kamil (CEO) and Kris (Founding member) from before and it was a new experience for me since I didn’t even know about Virtual Airlines.

What is your role at flyeuro?

I’m a Content Coordinator. My job is basically to keep all data, files and routes up to date and to review your PIREPs.

What are your ambitions for flyeuro while being on the staff team?

Improving flyeuro and making it grow and grow and grow...

Any wise words / advice and such you'd wish to share with the public?

Don’t hesitate to try something new in life. If you want you can learn a lot in flyeuro. Only one thing is needed and that’s your desire to learn. We are always ready to answer any of your questions and to assist you in order to improve your experience here in flyeuro.

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