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Josh Cannon
Josh Cannon

Age: 15
Nationality: British
Status: Events Manager
Tasks: Event Coordination / Online Operations

Occupation: Student
Joined Staff Team: 25 September 2014

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

I was born in Manchester, England - right near the airport - and have lived here ever since. I'm currently studying at a local school, with a view to studying medicine at University. I'm a big sports fan; darts, football, cricket, snooker, tennis... you name it, I like it! I especially love Manchester City, and have a season ticket there!

What has your virtual career been like?

I've not been simming for that long, probably about two years, but I've always been into aviation - so it was always going to happen! I've grown more accustomed to payware aircrafts as I've gone and my aircraft gallery is always expanding!

Why did you join flyeuro?

I joined flyeuro on the recommendation of a member after I decided I wanted to start flying for a VA. Safe to say, I haven't looked back!

What is your role at flyeuro?

As an Events Manager, I am responsible for organizing events on online networks, liaising with local VACCs on VATSIM and IVAO, and helping members with anything related with events.

What are your ambitions for flyeuro while being on the staff team?

Just to keep improving flyeuro, it takes teamwork to do anything great, and while I'm part of the team, I just want to keep flyeuro constantly improving!

Any wise words / advice and such you'd wish to share with the public?

Work hard while you're young.... you won't get another shot at your education!

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