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Damian Kus

Age: 17
Nationality: Polish
Status: Human Resources Manager (HRM)
Tasks: Accounts Management / Awards

Occupation: Student
Joined Staff Team: 1 July 2013

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

My name is Damian and I live in southern Poland near city Bielsko-Biała about 100 km from Pyrzowice Airport (EPKT) and I was there many times. I often visit Bielsko- Biala (EPBA) aeroclub. I am in middle-school studying 'Aircraft Engineering '. I love aviation and in the future, I'd like to became pilot or aircraft engineer. I had a single flight on Cessna 152 in aeroclub Kaniow (EPKW). I love also motorcycles and all kinds of music (with some exceptions of course).

What has your virtual career been like?

I began my flight-simming experience with FS2002 and I really enjoyed. Then I had FSX but my computer is too weak so I went back to FS2002. Then I had long break from flying. I started flying month before I joined Flyeuro and now I fly on FS2004.

Why did you join flyeuro?

Emil (current CEO) is my friend from my class and I knew that he made a virtual airline so I decided to join.

What is your role at flyeuro?

I am Human Resources manager in flyeuro. If you lost your password, have missing awards or have any other problems regarding your account I am the best person to contact.

What are your ambitions for flyeuro while being on the staff team?

I want to make flyeuro the biggest low-cost virtual airline. It sounds ridiculous but in my opinion flyeuro grows fast and becoming famous so it’s achivable goal.

Any wise words / advice and such you'd wish to share with the public?

Only those pilots achieve mastery In flying who are still dissatisfied with the level of their flights, they still recognize their mistakes, they see the difficulty in controlling the aircraft and realize that every flight could be done better.

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