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Emil Gabrys

Age: 17
Nationality: Polish
Status: Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Tasks: Fleet Managing / Downloads / Research

Occupation: Student
Joined Staff Team: Founder (17 February 2013)

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

I am 17 years old. I'm living in southern-poland about 80km from Katowice Airport (EPKT), what expains my love for this airport. I am in middle-school studying 'Aircraft Engineering'. I love avation and in the future, I'd like to work with planes (became aircraft engineer or pilot). I love also Trance music, which makes flying even better. My favourite artist are Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Super8 & Tab, ATB and much more.

What has your virtual career been like?

I have been flight simming for 5 years already, after I flew first time in real life (was flying from Katowice to Eindhoven to visit my sister in Netherlands) and I really enjoyed. When I had free time, I was looking for aviation videos on youtube and that's how I was introduced to Microsoft Flight Simulator (accidentally found some videos from that). I learned how to use flight-sim then started learning how to fly more advanced airplanes, first of them was Airbus X by Aerosoft, then Boeing 757 and finally 737NG. I was flying for FlyUK and WizzAir va, and now flyeuro.

Why did you join flyeuro?

I didn't had choice haha. Just joking. Kamil, the CEO, is a good friend of mine, and we always were working together on some projects. We decided to start virtual airline, and that's how I get involved.

What is your role at flyeuro?

As COO I have to care about our webhosting, organise staff work and more. I am also fleet manager and downloads manager which means, that all repaints you use came from me.

What are your ambitions for flyeuro while being on the staff team?

Bring flyeuro to the top :) That sounds a bit weird, but I truly believe, that we can make it to the top 10 in vacentral. All we need is just time and yours help. We wouldn't achieve anything without you.

Any wise words / advice and such you'd wish to share with the public?

Enjoy flyeuro. You've got here fantastic airline with many features.

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