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Pilot Application :: Introduction


Read all the important documents, and decide whether flyeuro is the airline for you. We don't want any timewasters!

Welcome to

Welcome to We are a virtual low-cost airline full of ambitious individuals who are working extremely hard on the airline, to provide a high quality service for all of the fans of the flight simulation community. We are positive about experienced as well as new pilots, and we're keen to hear from our pilots so we can take our airline further.

We are all about the user interaction. You make us, and we serve you!

When applying, you will be entitled to fly for three subsidiaries: (low-cost), flybritain (low-cost regional), blueArrow CARGO (freight). If you for example want to fly just for flybritain, you still must register here.

Important things to read...

We would like to inform you that we are a serious organization, and we are professional and passionate about our hobby. We welcome any pilots to flyeuro, with or without experience, however we are really strict on inactivity, and the rules we inforce. Before you join, it is important you take a lecture on a few of our documents...

  • Pilot Handbook - Everything you need to know about how we operate and our procedures and policies.
  • Why Choose Us? - An outline of what we can offer to our staff and pilots. Trust me, it's quite a lot!

Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions. If any provided information is false or you do not meet requirements, your application will be turned down without reasoning. Please read them carefully, and make sure you're not wasting our time, as well as yours.

I am aged 14 years or older.
I own a legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX.
I agree to provide true information, otherwise I understand that my account will be removed.
I agree to provide a valid e-mail address
I have read and agree to the rules, regulations and policies in the Pilot Handbook.
I agree to submit a PIREP within the first 14 days, otherwise I understand that my account will be removed.

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