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Pilot Handbook

  • Introduction
  • 1. Recruitment
  • 2. Policies
  • 3. Airline Organisation
  • 4. Operating Procedures
  • 5. blueArrow
  • 6. Miscellaneous
Last Update: November 11th, 2015

Welcome to the flyeuro Virtual Airlines Pilot Handbook.

This online document has been created for the use of members, to locate all essential information about their membership in one location. The following pilot handbook contains information on membership issues alongside operational procedures and information.

All pilots should check the pilot handbook and standard operating procedures before contacting us as it is likely the you will be able to find the answer to your question in this handbook.

We reserve the right to change and update the contents of the Pilot Handbook at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a pleasant lecture.

1.1 Pilot Recruitment Process

To join flyeuro Virtual Airlines, you must abide by the requirements highlighted in (1.2) Employment with flyeuro Virtual Airlines as a pilot. Unlike other virtual airlines, you are not required to pass and complete a skills test or quiz in order to join us.

To join us, you must fill in our online application form found on the Careers page. After the application is completed, it will be reviewed. The registration details you've passed will also allow you to access our Member Forums.

1.2 Employment with flyeuro Virtual Airlines as a pilot

flyeuro Virtual Airlines welcomes everyone, whether you are new to the idea of flight simulation, or an experienced pilot. We even welcome real life pilots who may perhaps like to join into the hobby. No matter where you're from, or what experience you own - you're more than welcome. There is however a list of requirements you have to meet:

  • Be at least 14 years of age - no exceptions will be made.
  • Speak English preferably fluently, or at least at a communicative level.
  • Own a working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004/FSX.
  • Be prepared to file a pirep within the first 14 days of joining.
  • Must submit a valid PIREP within 14 days of Date of Acceptance. The Date of Acceptance is the Date when your application was accepted and your registration was approved.

Approved hubs are: London Gatwick, Liverpool, Katowice, Gdansk, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Berlin Schonefeld, Rotterdam, Manchester, London Luton, Stockholm Arlanda, Prague, Warsaw Okecie, Bratislava, Krakow, Belgrade

Upon applying, it is your responsibility to select a hub, otherwise Human Resources department will place you where they need you.

Once a full pledged community member, a pilot is responsible to keep their account active and up to date. This includes:

  • Filing at least a single PIREP every 30 days.
  • Update account/personal details if any changes occur.

If the above is not met, we have the right to terminate your account in breach of our code of conduct. The auto-deletion system will remove your account if the first item in the above list is not met. We can exempt certain members from this scheme at our discretion.

1.3 Information and Personal Details Policy

You must use your full name when registering with flyeuro Virtual Airlines. Incomplete, incorrect or misleading information will result in a termination of the account and may lead to a ban on future attempts to join flyeuro VA. It is forbidden to register more than one account with flyeuro.

It is your responsibility to keep the information we hold about you up to date and correct. You can modify your details via the Crew Centre. If you feel that you have difficulty ensuring that the information we hold on you is correct, please contact us immediately.

2.1 Employment with flyeuro Virtual Airlines as a staff member

The requirements for staff members are stricter. We are ambitious about what we are doing, and some people in the past could not understand this fact. Hence, to join as a staff member, in all cases, you have to meet the following criteria. In all criterias, no exceptions will be made:

  • Log at least 100 hours with us.
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • You have to illustrate a mature and an organized approach.
  • You must be available to attend weekly meetings.
  • You must possess an ability to work in a team oriented environment.

All new Staff Members are on a 30 day probation period, regardless of their status with the airline.

2.2 Account Termination reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate an individual's pilot account without notice or reason.

  • Pilots and staff members who are terminated from Virtual for any disciplinary action are prohibited from rejoining the airline at any time in the future.
  • Pilots and staff members who are terminated for failure to meet the minimum requirements, such as minimum flight requirements, membership in the Pilot Forum or failure to maintain an active email account may have their membership with flyeuro Virtual reinstated at zero hours.
  • Pilots and staff members who resign in good standing with the airline, i.e. by providing notice of their intent to resign by utilizing the Pilot Change of Status Request form shall have the option at any point in the future to return to the virtual airline at a later date with their previous hours restored. Their rank may be subject to change as to achieve airline staffing requirements.

2.3 General Conduct Policy

Members should respect all other members and staff to maintain a friendly community environment. In particular, members should never act in a way that may cause offence, or harm the feelings of anyone else.

Use of bad language is generally relaxed, however you will be warned and subsequently suspended if the bad language is continuous and deemed offensive to the participants.

When flying online, you are representing the airline as a direct representative. Any inappropriate behaviour therefore affects people's opinions of, and damages the reputation of flyeuro VA. Any pilot found acting inappropriately within the airline or to members of any other affiliate organisations will be suspended immediately.

flyeuro VA is equally an airline for novice pilots as well as experienced ones, and regardless of amateur pilots skill, or lack of, they should be treated with equal respect.

There is absolutely no tolerance towards racism and discrimination - we live in the 21st century.

2.4 Leave Status

Pilots who foresee they will be unable to complete the required one flight minimum in the following month can submit an email request for a Leave of Absence (LOA). Pilots are responsible for setting their account to/from leave status.

  • Pilots must be in ACTIVE status to request a leave status.
  • The pilot must have completed the required one flights for that month prior to the request.
  • Pilots are allowed a total of 90 days of leave per year. Only 30 days of leave may be booked at a time.

To return from leave early, pilots can simply file a pirep and their account status will change from leave to active instantly.

2.5 Hub Transfers

Personnel are permitted to transfer between Hubs ONLY if an opening exists. Additionally;

  • Pilot must be in ACTIVE status at their current hub for 30 days and not under any disciplinary action in order to start a transfer.
  • The request will be processed by Human Resources by contacting the Hub managers involved.
  • Transfer will be completed with an approval or refusal (Reason will be stated) email to the pilot requesting transfer and Hub Managers involved.

2.6 Transfer Hours

Transfer hours are welcome and will be added to your profile under a special "Transfer Hours" row, however they will not count towards your flyeuro Pilot Profile. We think it's only fair that all pilots start at zero.

If you may in any case decide to leave the airline in future, and wish to transfer hours from us, we will be more than happy to provide these for you.

Please note that transfer hours from VATSIM are not accepted - only valid VA hours count.

2.7 Flight Reporting

All PIREPs (Pilot Reports) must be recorded and completed during the flight with our own software called blueArrow. PIREPs can be filed manually only if there's been an error, or the recording cut off. A reasoning must be provided by an individual if the PIREP is filed manually.

Pilots can only submit pireps for flights (includes codeshare flights). Flights must be flown as one continuous leg from departure to destination, non-stop, in one continuous flight. Saving mid-flight and resuming at a later date or time is not permitted.

3.1 Airline Statement

flyeuro Virtual Airlines is a non-profit organisation branded as and does not charge any fees to apply for or to retain membership in the organisation. No member may request money or charge fees as a prerequisite to offering any assistance or product. In addition, no member is permitted to resell or make any commercial or non-commercial use of the website or forums. The prohibitions set forth in this paragraph expressly include any and all sales and/or solicitations of money, goods and services no matter for what purpose, person, group or cause, without limitation. Members violating these rules will be suspended immediately.

3.2 flyeuro Virtual Airlines Mission

To provide a sophisticated, diverse and high-standard service and community to all of the lovers of flight simulation.

3.3 Board of Directors / Staff Team staff team are composed of a handful of dedicated volunteers. Together as a team, we work towards our mission statement.

In order to maintain our mission objective, each staff member has an assigned task, a position they are required to fulfill and work with engagement and determination for the success of the airline. The staff team is split into six areas:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chief Operating Officer (COO) - look over the airline and take general decisions on hubs, operations, fleet and general things to do with the airline.
  • Fleet & Downloads - responsible for fleet repaints and downloads available to our members.
  • Human Resources - responsible for dealing with issues that pilots may encounter, an error in the PIREP, change of personal details, change of hub, update of personal details etc.
  • Marketing - they stand behind the promotion part of the airline, as well as leadership of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Web & Designs - responsible for looking over the website and the forums, as well as bug fixing of both.
  • Research - responsible for researching into the virtual and real airline industry to seek improvements and updates.
  • Instructors - responsible for giving out voluntary tuition time to teach our pilots on how to fly our fleet.

3.4 Divisions

As a low-cost, no frills carrier, to maintain integrity, runs a mainstream division also known as low-cost. Beside it, we maintain two seperate divisions; blueArrow CARGO (worldwide freight) and flybritain (short-haul domestic and European flights from Britain). Sub-divisions are located on sub-domains, and can be accessed using flyeuro account details.

3.5 Contacting Us

We are open to questions, and queries you may have 24/7, however allow between 3-72 hours for a response. flyeuro staff can be contacted using the following methods:

  • Contact Us form - general form for all enquiries.
  • blueArrow chat - informal way of contacting or discussing enquiries with staff
  • Forums - forums contain a wealth of topics that may answer your questions. Staff will also answer any questions there.
  • Email Staff Members Directly - use only if your problem concerns a specific staff member.

4.1 Language is an international virtual airline registered in the United Kingdom. All company operations should be conducted in English.

4.2 Time

All times given are Zulu. This includes flight schedules, pirep times, event times, training session times. During the winter time Zulu time is the same as local British time. During the summer time Zulu time is 1 hour behind local British time.

Please visit the following link to find out more about your time zone and Zulu time:

4.3 Simulation Settings

Pilots are forbidden to use the slew mode during flights. Simulator speed must be set at 1x. If flying online, pilots must ensure that crash detection in Flight Simulator is turned off.

4.4 Flight Bookings

Pilots are able to search flights through our Flight Schedules feature. On the flight search results page you can click the flight number to get further information on the flight or click the book link to book the flight. To book, simply click 'Book'. The 'Book' text will change immediately to 'Flight Booked'.

Booked flights can be viewed under the 'My Booked Flights' option in the header of the site, once logged in to the service.

4.5 Flight Times

You can fly flights at any time of the day. We do ask that you fly the flights on the days specified. For example you cannot fly a flight that only operates Monday - Friday on a Saturday or Sunday. If you want to be more realistic, you can fly flights at the times specified on the schedule. The other option is to set your flight simulator 'world time' to coincide with the times specified on the schedule.

4.6 Flight Breaks

To avoid people abusing the hours system, pilots are allowed only limited pauses and breaks in their flights. Short pauses of up to 60 seconds do not count for the rule and are allowed, however not excessively (decided upon our discretion). PIREPs breaking the above regulations will be rejected.

  • A pilot is entitled to a maximum pause of 15 minutes per every hour flown.
  • You are allowed a maximum of four breaks on every flight.
  • You are allowed a maximum of a 30 minute break if you save two breaks into one, however you may only do this ONCE.

Example for bullet point 3: Don't use the 15 minutes in Hour 1, but take 30 minutes off in Hour 2.

4.7 Flight Duration

All PIREPs with the arrival time greater than an hour after the scheduled arrival time will be rejected, unless a good reason is provided. For example, there is a busy traffic period on an online network (VATSIM/IVAO) and you have been delayed to land. For this, you need to supply us with a vataware link of your flight.

4.8 Aircraft Types

Pilots should use the aircraft type stated on flight schedules. PIREPs with different aircrafts compared to the original schedules will be rejected. You may NOT use different liveries/aircraft but only the ones we provide.

4.9 Landing Rates

  • The maximum landing rate is -750fpm.
  • Pilots are allowed a maximum of a single bounce on the runway, unless it can be proven that the weather severely affected the ability to land.
  • Pilots must show the basic use of flaps in the landing phase.
  • Pilots cannot exceed flap speeds at any time in the landing phase.

Any submitted PIREPs not adhering to this policy will result in them being rejected without warning.

4.10 Callsigns

Radio Callsign: flyeuro

You should put your Pilot ID as your callsign, e.g. FE1001, flyeuro 1001, if you are flying online and:

  • you are taking part in an event.
  • someone else is flying the same flight as you (in which case the callsign is already in use).
  • you are flying a flyeuro tour/charter leg.

4.11 Cost Indexes

Some add-on aircraft allow you to enter a cost index into the FMC when planning your flight. Here are the standard airline cost indexes:

Airbus A320-232 - 25
Boeing 737-700 - 22
Boeing 737-800 - 26
Boeing 757-200 - 35

4.12 Flight Briefing

A flight briefing page contains all of the necessary information in regards to your flight. You can also use Flight Briefing for further flight planning.

The 'Overview' tab contains general flight information. The 'Additional Information, Charts & Procedures' tab contains route data, notes, departure and arrival charts, procedures and additional data you may need for your flight. The 'Weather' tab contains departure and arrival METARs, and graphs with specialised pilot European weather forecasts.

4.13 Alternative Airports

If a diversion is required to an alternative airport, pilots should mention this in their PIREP, and file it manually, rather than through ACARS software. Alternative airports should be planned at pilot's discretion before the flight.

4.14 Online Flying

Before you fly, we recommend you have previous online experience or have planned your flight well in advance if you're a beginner, as you're carrying the flag for the airline.

Flights can be flown offline or online on IVAO and/or VATSIM networks. If flying a flight online, you must only be connected to 1 network at a time.

You don't need to be an aviation expert. However it is important that:

  • You are already familiar with your flight simulator software (FS2004, FSX)
  • You are comfortable flying with the aircraft you want to use online.
  • You have a basic understanding of Air Traffic Control.
  • You are able to fly SIDs/STARs and fly an IFR flight plan with waypoints.
  • You have a good understanding of the airline's standard operating procedures.

4.15 Boarding Pass

A boarding pass is a generated boarding pass for your chosen flight. It is merely present for simulation purposes and can be used at pilot's own discretion.

5.1 General

All members are expected to follow general rules of the Pilot Handbook when using blueArrow tracking software.

Pilots are expected to use blueArrow software (on license of smartCARS) at all times when conducting operations. Manual PIREPs will be rejected, unless you specify a valid reason for using this method.

5.2 Chat

The blueArrow tracking software offers pilots and staff a Chat feature in which they can talk to other pilots in a chat room. The chat is logged in real time, and is constantly monitored to ensure safety, and catch rule breakers in case any occur.

Section 2.3 outlines the rules which should be followed during the use of the blueArrow chat.

6.1 Donations

Our functionality relies on donations to cover the cost of website hosting, storage, domains, Teamspeak and dedicated multiplayer servers. We are always grateful to members who make donations, however small or large.

All members that donate will receive the Donation Award which will be displayed on their public pilot profile as a show of gratitude for their contribution to flyeuro. Donations DO NOT exempt any pilot or staff member from the policies and rules of the airline, and individuals will be punished in the same way for rulebreaking as they would prior to donating.

6.2 Offers & Discounts

The advantage of being a member is that you can receive offers and discounts on a variety of simulator addons offered by our partners and Flight Simulator publishers.

Offers and discounts are valid for members only, and once a coupon code is used for a discount, we are notified of this to eliminate fraud or piracy. Any abuse of the system, including code leaking to people outside of the airline, will lead to an automatic account termination.

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