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Every partnership makes an airline or an organisation blossom, it lets it spread it's wings wide. We're largely committed and involved in the practices of partnerships, as we think they're beneficial for everyone. Whether it's a partnership with an online network, web development companies, graphic designers, scenery makers, every partnership builds up the morale around a strong community of loyal Flight Simmers - we're a part of it...


flyeuro is proudly a part of the strong VATSIM online network, consisting of thousands of aviation enthuasists flying planes all around the virtual globe, online. We encourage our pilots to use this online network as they always supply great ATC and Realism. Occassionally, we host fly-ins and events on the VATSIM network for pilots in the airline.


flyeuro is proudly a part of the strong VATEUD organisation, one of the largest and most active divisions on the VATSIM Network. The main purpose of VATEUD is to organize and coordinate all virtual air traffic control centers within Europe, monitor and manage membership issues as well as ATC and Pilot Training across the Division to ensure that the service provided across the division is as seamless and similar as possible.


vaCentral is a virtual airline community, bringing all of the virtual airlines together into one virtual world, with ranking and a virtual economy. It's targeted as both a publicity tool for VAs, and introduces a competitive environment. It basically tells us how good we're doing!

TFDi Design

TFDi Design are an American-based Flight Simulation addon developer. They are the main developers of flyeuro's tracking software, blueArrow, as well as other flight simulator content for the community.

simpilot Group

simpilot Group, led by David Clark is a conglomerate of internet-based companies, offering web design, hosting and development services. Thanks to simpilot, you're able to read news in depth on our site, and talk to fellow pilots through messaging. We bow down to Dave!

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