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To run a successful organization in the most professional way, a budget is required to fund the facilities for ensuring that the operations are conveyed with highest possible standards. But if you have a penny you could drop in to support us, why not?

A message from the staff...

Each year, the funding of the community facilities will cost around 100 pounds. This is the accumulated total cost for the hosting, the domain and the TeamSpeak server. The costs of these have been covered by only a few people, but we're always grateful to members who make donations, as these help us to develop further as an ever-growing community, aiming for high standards.

Because we are a non-profit organization, although we'd like to bring you a lot of fantastic facilities, it all costs. And if you're ready to take your hand out and support us financially, we bow down to you!

Our Agreement of Donation

We promise that any donation will head towards server funding, as well as the development of our facilities. Your name will be posted on the right hand side, but you do have the right to appeal for your name to be removed - just let us know you're not happy with it. We will not treat anyone who donates, any different than those who don't.

Terms & Conditions

By donating, you agree that your financial contribution is solely an act of goodwill, and that such a contribution does not grant you any special priviledges within the VA. You agree that you will never use the fact that you have made a financial contribution as a tool to attempt to influence or intimidate staff members or the general membership.

We'd like to thank to...

  • FEU1006 - Logan Sanger-Sharps
  • FEU1219 - Dimitrije Rodic
  • FEU1316 - Lawrence Bell
  • FEU1383 - Joao Costa

The award
All members that donate will receive a special award called 'Satisfied Contributor' which will be displayed on their pilot profile as a show of gratitude for their contribution to The donation award is issued manually by staff so it may take a day or two for your award to be added to you pilot profile.

If you prefer not to have this award added to your pilot profile, please contact us by filling in the Contact Us form.

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