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Welcome to flyeuro Virtual Airlines, a low-cost, no frills European virtual airline that prides itself of high quality service to provide a fantastic experience to all flight simmers. Low-cost airlines aim to provide a simple, straight forward service for it's staff and passengers - therefore so do we!

Low-cost doesn't have to mean a series of compromises in the fields of safety, fleet, services and professionalism. Our aim is to be one of the largest virtual low-cost carriers in Europe (quite ambitious, we know!) and we'll need your help to achieve this. Whether you fly for us, or help us in managing the airline, your help is truely vital to us!

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Flight No Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft Submit Time Status
FEUVAS06 Dimitrije Rodic EGSS LHBP 02.01 B738 00:00 Pending
FEU9207 Mark Hanna EHAM EGGP 00.55 B738 21:19 Accepted
FEU3088 Nils-Erik Bekker EGPH EGAA 00.42 DH8D 20:49 Accepted
FEUAW01 Neil Randall EGKK OTBD 06.35 B752 20:26 Accepted
FEU7172 Darren Orton EGKK LEBL 02.02 B738 19:34 Accepted
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